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Introducing the Shroom Dispensary – a trailblazing brand that’s revolutionizing the way we perceive natural remedies. With a vision of decriminalization and a passion for promoting the healing power of mushrooms, this innovative dispensary is taking the world by storm. Led by a team of experts in the field of mycology and with a commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability, the Shroom Dispensary is your go-to destination for all things mushroom-related. Come experience the magic of our products and let us help you on your journey towards holistic wellness.

What We Do?

  1.  Educating the benefits of magic mushrooms & psychedelics as a tool for mental health
  2. Providing a safe & reliable source of magic mushrooms in Canada 
  3. Growing a thriving community of mushroom lovers and enthusiasts
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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy! All you have to do is register an account and place your shroom order online.

We only accept Interac eTransfer from a Canadian bank account at this time. We keep it old school because credit card companies don’t play nice with our type of products.

Nice work! It usually takes about 45 minutes for us to receive your payment confirmation email. Once we get it, your order is shipped out within 1 business day. Delivery via Canada Post Xpresspost takes about 2-3 business days after it’s shipped. We’ll send you a tracking number by email once it’s on its way.

Shipping is FREE for orders over $150 before tax!

Orders under $150 are charged $20 for XpressPost shipping.

We ship to every province in Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon

Shroom dispensary has been in the psilocybin industry for several years providing a safe & reliable source of magic mushrooms. All orders are shipped discretely with a tracking number. We offer a 100% FREE replacement if the package gets lost (we are not responsible for incorrectly submitted shipping addresses)

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