Transkei Cubensis


Transkei Cubensis


Transkei Cubensis

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South African Transkeis are magnificent to keep those dance and party vibes all night long. Kick-off starting entertainment with waves of good mood, magnifying tracers and lights, and intensifying sensory perceptions, like touch, these shrooms can be also microdose to enhance any kind of feel-good activities, such as pinball, gaming, or 3D movies.

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Transkei cubensis shrooms are a celebrated among festival and light-show aficionados alike, especially as the South African variety is well-versed to just about any kind of energetic settings, such as pinball, fireworks watching, gaming, as well as dancing all night long, all while being first-time users friendly. Just put on your dancing shoes or grab some popcorn for the perfect entertainment experience. Even a movie that is not in 3D format will feel multidimensional!

These shrooms make colors appear more vivid and much brighter, with reflections seemingly frolicking with the light, accompanied by a warming glow-up from the inside out, making shared closeness feel exceptionally nice.

Provided fellow human beings are to join and share the psilocybin journey, users report magnified moods of well-being and oneness, with bond being greatly intensified and strengthened, and with booty-shaking and shuffling music playlists being brought to sweet exhaustion.

For conditions involving long-term depression, PTSD, and/or isolation, microdosing Transkei shrooms can brighten the day and replace the blues with harmony and welfare.

Users also report that the Transkei cubensis variety is one of the least likely to induce a sense of overwhelming or undesirable, epic hallucinations. Being some of the most user-friendly and extremely popular cubensis strains, these magical gifts of Nature make a wonderful choice for date night, social gatherings, and visual spectacles alike, whether these spectacles are art performances or simply sum down to admiring the infinite, immortal beauty of the night sky full of stars.

While many strains can be perfect for camping, this one is sure to turn those evenings spent around the campfire into a one-of-a-kind entertainment center for the senses.

We ship these top-grade shrooms directly to you all across Canada, available in teabags format, flavorsome gelatin capsules, as well as in dried form.

Note that even though doses are measured carefully, duration and reaction time of the psilocybin experiences are strictly personal, varying based on each individual’s tolerance levels. It is best to wait for a minimum of 1 full hour before taking another dose, making sure to stay adequately hydrated and limit alcohol consumption.

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1 gram, 3 grams, 7 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams


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