Golden Emperor shrooms



Golden Emperor shrooms


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Golden Emperor shrooms, more than any other strain, treat first time users to a welcoming voyage into better understanding and promote a sense of connection, peace and belonging within the community of fellow humans. But you’ll still probably get the giggles.


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Golden Emperor shrooms deserve their royal title, according to their legions of fans, and not every psychedelic earns the dual honour of being called Golden Teachers as well, so named for their legendary role in guiding users, especially those with no previous magic mushroom experience. More revelatory than hallucinatory, this variety offers succour to restless psychic wanderers seeking to return home to the self, but still keeps things from feeling too epic with pleasant and highly sensory reminders of the beauty all around us and how good it feels to feel alive. For those overwhelmed by anxiety, negativity, cynicism and an unshakeable sense of malaise, and for anyone who’s fallen out of love with the world, the Golden Teacher is here to show you where life’s most beautiful mysteries still await.

At higher doses, both rookies and senior users can find themselves reporting to a place or state of being where many are greeted with a gentle education in deep soul truths, in particular, new understandings of their interconnectedness with all things in the universe. Unlike some more psychedelic strains, Golden Emperor shrooms are preferred by many users simply for their ability to restore a sense of greater peace. At smaller doses, this strain still gives a boost of effervescent energy, makes lights extra twinkly, and helps reboot the system from a depressive episode or a stressful time, with a warming inner glow that penetrates through all kinds of fog, especially if brought on by PTSD.

Available in dried format, as well as teabags and flavourless gelatin capsules, we ship these high quality shrooms across Canada direct to you.

Doses are carefully measured, but as with every variety of shrooms, reaction time and the duration of psilocybin experiences will be unique to each person and their tolerance level, so it’s best to wait at least an hour before consuming another dose, limit alcohol consumption and stay adequately hydrated.

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