Chocolate Shrooms


Chocolate Shrooms


Get ready to fall in love with our delectable tempered chocolates, packed with 1 full gram of your beloved psilocybe cubensis. We have wrapped these heavenly pieces of goodness in strain-specific foil and further molded them into a flower-like shape, making micro-dosing effortless and pleasurable to the fullest.

  • 1 gram
  • 3 grams
  • 7 grams
  • Golden Teacher
  • Transkei
  • Alacabenzi
  • Ecuador
  • Mazatapec
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Our mouth-watering, palate-tingling tempered chocolates are carefully molded into a flower shape that makes it extremely convenient for users to enjoy precise dosages, by choosing to consume more or less of the flower “petals.” Each chocolate is loaded with one full gram of the precious psilocybe compound.

Treat yourself right and make the next community gathering with your fellow human souls unforgettable, deep, bonding, and insightful by sharing the choco-laced delicacies gracefully and generously! Feel the Cosmos, experience the Creation, unleash the fears, and heal the emotional traumas lingering in your subconscious mind in the tastiest, most natural, liberating, and guilt-free way possible. Beware! These flower-shaped chocolate-laced delicacies may easily steal your heart for eternity.

Neatly wrapped in colored foil that corresponds specifically to each strain, these delightful chocolates are best to be stored in a cool place. Consumption should happen within up to a year after purchasing these flavorful, chocoholics-approved cuties.

If stored in the freezer, these goodies will last for an indefinite period of time.

Before choosing to increase the dosage, users are highly encouraged to always wait for about 10 – 40 minutes, allowing the initial effects to begin, so that any possible unwelcome and/or overwhelming episodes are to be avoided. Remember that each shroom strain presents the immortal secrets of the Universe in a strictly individual manner, with the psychology, physiology, as well as the comfort of the surroundings of the consumers all playing a key role in the varied, highly personalized effects experienced after use. Consume these appetizing little miracles that are to give you access to an incredible combination of the ancient superpowers of cocoa and psilocybe based on your personal prudence and tolerance levels.

As with all other kinds of shroom products, it is best to keep these psilocybe-rich chocolates away from the reach of pregnant or nursing women, minors, pets, and/or from anyone who can accidentally get to munch on them without being informed of their almost-supernatural effects. Ultimately, make sure to keep these away from anyone who isn’t keen on joining you on an extraordinary psychedelic journey through the mysteries of Life and Love.

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1 gram, 3 grams, 7 grams


Golden Teacher, Transkei, Alacabenzi, Ecuador, Mazatapec


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